100% Smarter

“Several of these leaders and their companies are highlighted throughout the book. Thank you… Mark Fullerton… James Perly…”
Verne Harnish, Scaling Up!, a NYT Best Seller
The quality of my life is directly proportional to
the quality of the decisions that I make
Smarter = Better Decisions = Bigger Results
Over the last 29 years I have completely re-engineered my
entire neurology several times and have freed myself from
what had me make sub-optimal decisions in my life
3 things determine the quality of my decisions


Beliefs & Emotions


Mental Models


What sports tech has done for the human body, we can now do
for the brain. 100% smarter every year is not only possible, it
will be imperative for competing in the AI economy
“James Perly’s commitment to working on himself is remarkable. His genuine care and desire to share valuable ideas is a wonderful positive force.”
UJ Ramdas, CoFounder, The Five Minute Journal