100% Smarter

“Several of these leaders and their companies are highlighted throughout the book. Thank you…  James Perly…”
Verne Harnish, Scaling Up!, a NYT Best Seller
The quality of my life is directly related to
the quality of the decisions that I make
Smarter = Better Decisions = Greater Results
I have doubled my mental output each year for almost 3 years and counting now
What sports tech has done for the human body, we can now do
for the brain. 100% smarter every year is not only possible, it
is imperative for competing in the AI economy
Fundamentally 3 things determine the quality of my decisions:


Beliefs & Emotions


Mental Models


“James Perly’s commitment to working on himself is remarkable. His genuine care and desire to share valuable ideas is a wonderful positive force.”
UJ Ramdas, CoFounder, The Five Minute Journal