You’ve Been Fooled Again…

Most of you are familiar with the controversy over bathrooms in North Carolina. They want to force people to use public bathrooms according to what their birth certificates identified them sexually as, not according to their transgendered sexuality.
My problem is this:
Governor McRory does not give two shits about transgendered people and what bathrooms they use or do not use.
Nine out of ten people I informally interviewed had no idea that House Bill 2 also included any of the following provisions:
  • Elimination of all existing state law remedies for women from being demoted, transferred or terminated from their job because of their sex
  • Elimination of any state law claim for wrongful termination on the basis of the colour of a person’s skin
  • Elimination of any state law claim for discrimination in the workplace on the basis of national origin or ethnicity
  • Elimination of the existing state law remedy that protects someone who has been terminated from their job on the basis of religion
  • (even this part gets lost in the LGBT debate) Elimination of all existing local ordinances and protections for LGBT citizens in North Carolina, along with a ban on any communities within enacting such protections again
  • Elimination of all existing local ordinances and any ability to enact family leave policies, child welfare protections, limits on the number of consecutive hours an employee can be required to work without a break or health insurance standards for any contractors in their community

And get this one:

  • Elimination of all existing local authority to enact minimum wage standards for public-sector contractors in their community
The whole idea of big scary men hiding out in women’s bathrooms is terrifying to people who don’t understand what transgendered means, and the people who wrote this bill are laughing all the way to the bank. This is bear baiting in it’s most basic form and our corporate owned media is playing right along with it.
After enough time, some supreme court litigation and some intense debate McRory will probably grudgingly be ‘forced’ to repeal this part of the law, the part he could really give two shits about, and meanwhile he will keep in all of the other provisions that clearly strip citizens of so many of their hard won rights to equitable and fair employment. Liberals can then rejoice in having ‘won’ and everyone goes home happy.
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